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Moving Boxes & Materials

The right moving boxes and packaging materials are key to ensuring your items are well protected. We provide quality boxes for the DIY mover. Before you decide to go it alone, Get a Free Quote from us. You may find that our price is lower than you think!

Moving Boxes and Shipping Material

It’s important to have the right size moving boxes and correct shipping materials when preparing for a move. The better you pack your goods for the trip, the more likely they are to arrive at your destination in the good condition. Having MiniMoves pack your home can save you time, will keep your home live-able until the day before your move and will help you avoid the physical impacts and stress of moving.

Are you looking for a little more help with your apartment move? Before you call your friends (who may or may not show up), contact MiniMoves and get a quote on our apartment moving services. Our crew are the experts in efficiently moving you in and out of the confined spaces of apartment buildings.

But what if packing service is not in your budget?


You can save money by buying shipping boxes and doing your own packing and then we can help you get there! MiniMoves offers discounted, top of the line moving materials for packing delivered right to your doorstep in 2-3 days, anywhere in the US.

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