Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Moving vs. MiniMoves Comparison

Do-It-Yourself Moving May Not Save Money This Year

There are many moving options when planning a cross-country relocation, ranging from professional full-service moving to total DIY relocation. Each service type has its own value and lets you participate in as
much, or as little of your move as your budget requires. Do-It-Yourself anything typically saves money but interstate moving might be the exception to the rule in 2022. A combination of high demand for
rental trucks, trailers, and moving containers, combined with unprecedented fuel prices mean that moving yourself may not save any money over full-service moving.

DIY moving has some real benefits. You get to pick the date for loading and unloading, controlling your moving calendar. If you have the whole truck or trailer to use, and have enough room, you can take everything you want, at least everything you can fit in the truck. Since movers charge by the pound or by the piece, having the flexibility to add items without changing the price is appealing. But then again whatever you take with you, you’ll have to find a place for in your new home so choose wisely.

This chart will help you understand the service options available to you.


Traditional van lines often have minimum weight requirements that make their moving service an expensive option if you do not have a lot of stuff. MiniMoves offers full-service moving that includes all the labor to load and unload but without a minimum weight or shipment size requirement. DIY will offer the best control over the loading and unloading dates but might also include an “Adventure in Moving” from driving a rental truck or pulling a trailer hundreds of miles from state-to-state.
When considering DIY moving, be sure to calculate your all-in costs. The price of gasoline and diesel fuel this summer is extremely high. Rental trucks are not very fuel efficient. It is not uncommon to get 10 or 12 miles to the gallon. Even pulling a rental trailer with your own vehicle will reduce gas mileage by 30%. Rental fees, vehicle insurance, renting moving pads, and fuel costs all add up to a price that might be more than the price than MiniMoves or other full-service movers might charge. Before making a final choice, add up all your projected costs for Do-It-Yourself moving and then get a quote from a full-service mover. MiniMoves can prepare a binding price quote in just a few minutes over the phone. It could actually save money to let someone else do all the work, and, you’ll be able to enjoy having Pizza with your friends rather than just buying Pizza for your friends.