Benefits of a full-service mover

A Full-Service move with MiniMoves® stands out as a unique and advantageous option for people with smaller shipments.

Moving to a new city is an exciting experience, that is if you take away the heavy lifting.  Among the various options available, the choice between Do-It-Yourself (DIY) moving and a Full-Service moving plays a crucial role in determining your overall moving experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the all-in costs of DIY moving methods – truck rental or shipping container rental – and compare them with the unique services of MiniMoves®, America’s leading small shipment moving company. 

The All-In Cost of DIY Moving 

Before exploring the benefits of a Full-Service move with MiniMoves®, it’s essential to understand the comprehensive costs associated with DIY moving. Let’s break down the costs involved in popular DIY methods: 

Truck Rental 

  • Truck rental fees 
  • Fuel costs (calculated at 10MPG) 
  • Liability Insurance costs 
  • Pad and dolly rental charges 
  • Load and unload labor costs 
  • Tolls and travel expenses 
  • Dolly rental for towing a car 
  • No coverage for furniture damage 

Moving Containers 

  • Container rental charges 
  • Purchase cost for pads and cargo straps 
  • Labor costs for loading/unloading 
  • Parking restrictions 
  • Permit costs 

Freight Carrier Space Rental 

  • Freight charges per foot for trailer space 
  • Purchase cost for pads and cargo straps 
  • Limited schedule for loading/unloading 
  • Labor costs for assistance 
  • Difficult loading and unloading in a freight trailer 
  • No control over what is shipped with your furniture 

The Full-Service Move Option 

Now, let’s shift our focus to the benefits of a Full-Service Move with MiniMoves®: 

  1. Specialized Focus on Small Moves

MiniMoves® is dedicated to helping people with small shipments, whether it’s moving locally, state-to-state, or worldwide. This specialized focus means we have built a process that delivers a big difference in making your move affordable. 

  1. Professional Services Saves You from All The Heavy Lifting

MiniMoves® offers all the professional services typically associated with major van lines, but with a streamlined focus on small moves. We create a detailed inventory of the items you’re moving, take beds and kitchen tables apart (don’t worry, we put them back together during delivery) we wrap your furniture in cloth moving pads, we load, transport, deliver everything into your new home, remove the pads and arrange the furniture as you wish. Our customers receive professional moving services without high prices for minimum weights or peak season surcharges, at a price that is often lower than DIY moving. 

  1. Thoughtful Interaction and Detailed Planning

Each MiniMoves® move is designed with thoughtful interaction and detailed planning. This personalized approach ensures that customers know what to expect, providing peace of mind throughout the entire moving process. 

  1. Flexible Service Menu

MiniMoves® understands that every move is different. With a robust service menu, customers can choose to handle as little or as much of the work as they want. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs of individuals and families. We can do all of the packing of your household items, or maybe just pack the fragile and breakable items. You can save money doing your own packing and we are happy to move your packed boxes. 

  1. Guaranteed Total Price

MiniMoves® provides a quick and convenient quoting process, offering customers a binding total price. No weight or size minimums apply to out-of-state moves, and there are no bundled fees or illusionary discounts – just transparent charges and real cost savings. 

When considering a move, it’s crucial to weigh the costs and benefits of different methods. A Full-Service move with MiniMoves® stands out as a unique and advantageous option for people with smaller shipments. With a focus on personalized service, transparent pricing, and a commitment to making small moves seamless, MiniMoves® is the reliable choice for small shipment moving.