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Determining the best way to move can be a real challenge because moving isn’t something we do very often. Comparing the moving services available is a good place to start.

Deciding how much or how little of the work you want to do is the first step. Compare the moving services that are offered or included in each type of moving. Knowing what’s available in each type of moving service makes it easier to do a moving company comparison and see the best choice for your move.

Your next step is to get price quotes to know the cost of your move and compare moving companies. When comparing moving quotes, keep in mind that van lines have a minimum weight and charge for small shipments. Do-it-yourself truck rental can have hidden costs and may not save you any money. MiniMoves makes moving affordable and easy. We provide you with a detailed list of the items to be shipped, the moving services to be provided, the insurance coverage on your shipment and our guaranteed total moving price quote so you can make your decision with confidence and price certainty.

MiniMoves® is a full service moving company with moving packing services that compares very favorably to big van lines and we compete very well with do-it-yourself truck rental or moving container services. We make moving easy and cost effective with convenient dates and reliable service.

There is a big difference between pizzas with your friends and pizzas for your friends. Celebrate moving and build great memories. Leave the heavy lifting to MiniMoves. Compare our moving services with the rest and get a free quote for your moving costs today!