covid-19 client communication

Our hope is the COVID-19 virus does not impact you or loved ones. Support for one another will see us through this pandemic. We have taken steps to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, network partners and the customers we serve as our moving services continue.

MiniMoves’ Workplace Health & Safety

65% of our employees are working from home. Those remaining provide vital warehouse services to ensure the timely relocation of customer household goods. We expect to maintain core services throughout the outbreak.

All company business travel is suspended for the next 30 days. We will substitute web-based meetings for any face-to-face gatherings and will re-evaluate as warranted.

We have taken action and shared this guidance with our employees remaining on-site:

  • Encourage staff to use the hand towels to open doors and commonly used office equipment
  • Disinfecting wipes, tissue boxes and hand sanitizers are available throughout the office
  • Company supplied pens with stylus tips to operate the copiers and keypad devices
  • Limit the use of sharing office supplies
  • We have eliminated the sharing of food and treats in the office

Our customer support team is communicating with every customer, inquiring if they or a family member at the residence have symptoms, are under self-quarantine or have been diagnosed with the virus.

Our moving crews have been issued the following guidlines:

  • Use gloves and foot covers when entering and performing work at customer residences.
  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently.
  • Don’t shake hands, wave instead.
  • Do not share your pen with customers when signing documents.
  • Do not share food during meal breaks.
  • Report off work and stay home if you or family show symptoms or have the virus.

Dispatchers are screening crews daily for visible symptoms to minimize transmission.  We request our Service Providers across the country implement these measures as well.

MiniMoves’ Continuation of Services

Our Company’s preemptive actions will allow us to maintain services during the outbreak.

Our Network is monitored daily for the wellbeing of our partners. 

We are working with customers to reschedule services in restricted/non-serviceable area and store their goods as needed.

For transferees who can’t take delivery, we’ve extended a no-charge storage period from 14 days to 30 days for the next 6 weeks. We’ll re-evaluate an extension as needed.

Our pledge to our partners and customers is to provide continuous information on the status of their shipments.  We ask that you reach out with concerns or suggestions as the events play out.

Support each other, especially the elderly and those at risk. Check in on family.  Be respectful of the health authorities' guidelines. Minimize your risk and prevent contamination to others. We will get through this.

Be well,

Jack Arslanian
Founder and CEO

Additional information and associated government health guidelines are available through the following resources:

UPDATE 3.26.2020 – Moving has been declared an Essential Service in all states that are under a Shelter In Place order. We are operational at all of our locations and will continue to perform moves for our customers. The Covid-19 Pandemic may delay or impact some shipments based upon state or local government restrictions or supply limitations.  We continue to monitor our network will advise our customers if a shipment delay is imminent.