How to Make a Move Fun for Children

Here are some great tips that you and your family can consider when moving with children

Children can often feel like moving and leaving a home that might be all they have ever known is the end of the world. Even if you are just moving your family in the same neighborhood and their friends won’t be left behind, moving can still be quite scary to children. Here are some great tips that you and your family can consider when moving with children that will help your child feel as if the new home is just as cool

  • Let Them Design Their Space – When relocating with children, let them know that one of the greatest things about moving is starting over fresh, which means they will have an entire space to decorate as they wish. Maybe she is growing out of the pink princess-themed room and would love a space a little more fun and retro with bean bag chairs and polka dots, or perhaps his passion is no longer bugs but cars instead. Now is the chance to pick the paint color for the wall and get a new comforter. This will also give you an excuse to go to the craft store to see what you can buy or make to decorate with.
  • Make a Playlist – Everything is more fun with music. Create a playlist of songs that everyone loves. This will come in handy while your family is packing and unpacking. While relocating, make sure you take a few dance breaks, too.
  • Don’t Vary Your Routine – Fair enough, you already have a full schedule, and now you have to squeeze moving responsibilities in, too. However, if you typically go to the movies Sunday afternoon or bake cookies after school on Tuesdays you should still do these things. When you stop doing things your children love they associate their sad feelings with moving. Children do not understand that things will go back to “normal” after the move; they are concerned about what they are missing out on now. It may be beneficial to utilize a full service moving company such as MiniMoves to save time and limit the stress and physical impacts of moving.
  • Create a Scrapbook – You may not have time to actually create a scrapbook right now, but you can gather supplies, and start taking pictures and collecting items to include. This way your child will look forward to getting the move done with, so they can start working on the scrapbook.
  • Have a Party – Your child should have a farewell party with their friends, especially if you are moving cross-country. This will give you a chance to take pictures for the scrapbook and they can make plans to see one another again.
  • Create a Mini Vacation – If you are moving your family a considerable distance, take one or two extra days to stop at exciting places along the way. Even if you are only moving a few streets over, you can plan to set up the tent in the backyard and have a mini camping trip. This will be ideal if you need to still paint their room, so the paint gets the chance to dry completely.
  • Get Them Involved – Quite often, kids feel upset about a move because they are not involved. They have no control over anything, and this can be frustrating. Let them help decide what to throw away or donate, and allow them to pack things that don’t need much special care.
  • Make Plans – There are probably a ton of new, exciting things to do at the new house. Research the area, so you can all make a list of everything you want to do with your family when you arrive. They will not be able to wait to get there and start exploring.
  • Don’t Surprise Them – The most important piece of moving advice you can listen to is to not wait until the last minute to tell them about the move. Sure, you do not want to get them upset, but it will only upset them more, if they do not have time to mentally prepare.