How to move out of the country without going broke

Do not go broke moving internationally

Work out your income stream
The big advantage of moving internationally to a cheaper country is that you can stretch your money much further. If you have to earn money in the local currency, however, that can reduce much of your advantage. Any job that can be done remotely is great for an international relocation, such as a writer, designer, tech worker, or online publisher. Many other jobs can transfer easily to another location, such as teacher, manager, real estate agent, or medical professional — but they may not have an equivalent salary unless you’re working for a foreign organization. Figure out how your skill set can transition to a remote earnings situation.

Do a trial run

Moving out of the country is very different than being a traveler passing through. Before making the big leap, spend some time in the place or places you’re considering, living like a local for a while. That means renting an apartment in a real neighborhood, shopping at local markets, and eating where the locals eat. If you can run some typical local errands and take some language classes, even better. Some countries will allow you to live there for years on a tourist visa, and you simply have to leave the country every once in a while to renew. Other international relocations require mountains of paperwork and a very long application process. Investigate the situation for the country you’re considering moving to and look beyond what you can find online at the embassy site. Check local message boards and recent articles before moving out of the country, as visa requirements are often in flux. In some cases you’ll need to apply for residency before moving internationally. In others you can sort it out after arrival. In every case where you need some kind of residency permit, assume extra cash and lots of patience will be required for your international relocation.

If you’re a parent moving internationally, you’ll also need to research the school situation, and if you intend to find work locally, you’ll need to check out the local prospects for teaching English or other jobs legally open to foreign workers.

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