How to Prepare for Peak Moving Season

Let’s look at what can make the whole process a lot easier

From time to time, cross country moving is one of those events in life many of us must tackle. It’s one of those projects we don’t do very often so we don’t have a lot of experience and that can make moving stressful. At the same time, moving is often associated with a new beginning or opportunity so that’s exciting. What if your move happens during the summer months; the peak moving season? How do you prepare well for a move? How do you make the best of it? Knowing how to prepare for moving during peak season can give you a distinct edge on reducing stress and making your move a success. Let’s look at what can make the whole process a lot easier.

The peak moving season happens from May to September every year when a number of things come together to create an ideal situation for people to move; the weather is better around the country, school is out so it is easier for families to relocate and a lot of home sales and lease renewals happen during the summer. As a result, movers get very busy in those peak summer months. A few tips and some inside knowledge can help you with how to prepare for moving and make your move go a lot easier.

How to Prepare for a Move during the Peak Moving Season and Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • Get a binding price quote so you can plan your moving expenses and make confident decisions.
  • Book your mover early. That’s really important. Movers can run out of trucks and crews on certain dates so schedule your move as soon as you know your moving dates.
  • Use our printable moving checklist to start planning 2 months ahead of your move date. In fact, the earlier the better. Time will help you explore options and plan the right move for you. As you compare movers you’ll find that MiniMoves can design a move that fits your schedule and your budget.
  • Use your preparation time wisely. MiniMoves’ can do all of your packing saving you lots of time or you can enlist family or friends to get things boxed up and ready. Whatever you decide, use the moving prep time to toss things you don’t use or won’t need at your new place. Then, organize and pack what you want to keep and be sure to label boxes well so you’ll know what’s in them. Check out these great packing tips from MiniMoves.
  • Plan ahead for temporary storage. MiniMoves provides for temporary storage if you need to delay the delivery until your new lease starts. Other moves can charge a lot to hold on to your shipment for just a few days. When you get price quotes as other movers about their storage options and compare that to MiniMoves offer. Find out more about MiniMoves storage solutions.

The process of moving to another state can quickly become challenging just figuring out where to start.  MiniMoves can help you plan your move and provide a binding price quote in minutes over the phone. We make moving convenient, dependable and affordable. If you plan ahead, you can make your next move a big success.