Let MiniMoves Sweat the Big Stuff

Read on for some tips to make moving day easier from MiniMoves

The thought of moving can be enough to send anyone into a tailspin. Whether you are a seasoned veteran at moving or if you’re leaving the nest for the first time moving can be stressful even with moving assistance. Organization is key when preparing to move. It ensures that not only are your movers adequately prepared, but it makes the unpacking process upon delivery easier as well. Read on for some tips to make moving day easier from MiniMoves, a professional full service moving agency for small moves.

MiniMoves relocation counselors are thoroughly trained to not only provide you with an accurate estimate but to also guide you in the right direction for your move. We take the term “ relocation counselor” seriously, from the first step of determining whether or not MiniMoves is a good fit and throughout your move as well.

There are a few key things to remember during any relocation

When you’re preparing to move, the most important way to make moving day easier is to keep important travel documents, valuables, medications, important photographs and anything that is considered an instant MUST HAVE on hand.

Moving day is fast paced for both yourself and your moving professionals. If your move is taking place in the summer be sure to have water available to keep hydrated. Dehydration can lead to a fatigued crew which may prolong the length of time that your move would normally take. A simple glass of water is often forgotten about during the haste of a move. A professional mover will never ask but the offer can do wonders.

Keep it simple

When preparing to move, be sure to place important items that will not go on your moving truck together in the same space before the professional movers arrive, and openly communicate with them about the fact that they won’t be going onto the truck. The master bath and closet are common safe zones for such things; be sure to mention clearly to every mover on the team what’s going and what’s not.

Stripping of all beds is also expected by full service moving crews. Leaving the sheets, comforters and pillows in the center of the bed is fine if the movers are packing them; if not, surely there’s a box for that. In any event, keep the mattress and box springs bare so the movers can get to them easily.

Clear a path

Children and small pets should be out of the home during the move to allow for quick and swift movements of the crews without distractions or accidents.  Animals tend to run away in times of transition and can easily place themselves in harm’s way without seeing that bookshelf careening around a blind corner. So truly – for everyone’s safety – make arrangements in advance.

Making it easy for the professional movers to get from point A to point B in both your old and new places can cut down on your move time considerably. In private homes, make sure the sidewalk and at least part of the driveway are clear for dollies to move swiftly between the truck and the residence, and in shared spaces like apartment buildings, it’s wise to reserve an elevator in advance if possible, and secure any loading zones or side entrances that may be helpful for getting your belongings in and out without a hassle.

Make yourself available

It’s amazing how many surprises can lurk unseen and ruin your day if you don’t plan ahead, so be prepared for the final walkthrough well before it happens.

Once the move is complete, it’s complete, and as for those random unmentionables that have been hidden and buried in the back of your closet, you’re basically on your own to deal with them. So, an important moving day tip is to have an empty box or two and a magic marker on hand and be present during the final walkthrough. A couple of boxes full of random stuff is nothing to a mover with a dolly; it’s something else altogether when it’s just you, your own two arms and several flights of stairs after the truck or moving assistance is gone.

Most importantly: if you have to leave the premises while your move is in progress, whatever you do, don’t return later than expected to sign the final paperwork. In most cases, professional movers have multiple stops to make in a day, and your actions – however innocent – can throw off someone else’s move completely.

Lastly, the easiest moving tip is that there is never a such thing as too much communication with your full service moving agency. Ask as many questions as necessary, call your movers as many times as you need. Over communication will help ease your worried mind and make moving day easier.