ArrowsandBow influencer on Instagram shares her MiniMoves experience throughout her move.

After our move for @OurFauxFarmhouse, we partnered with another influencer named Ashley (her account is @ArrowsandBow on Instagram) to move her and her family from their house in California to their new home in Florida! Ashley shared her MiniMoves experience throughout her move on her Instagram and we re-shared her posts on our account as well.

On packing day, Ashley said “I’m so excited it’s packing day, it’s like my brain will be able to sleep again because I’ve just been compartmentalizing everything. So to have it all packed in boxes and picked up today, I’m thrilled – we are ready!”

Our movers arrived bright and early and got to work right away. Ashley said they were incredibly efficient and right on time. We packed up everything her and her family planned to take with them, “carefully and super precisely”.

One of the things Ashley noted in her blog post was that we’ve been in business for over 30 years AND we’re a small business, because she loves supporting small businesses. She also said how incredible our customer service team is (we have to agree!) and she wrote “you just know they offer extra care for your things. Which is so important! And I love the personalized touch from a small business.”

In her blog, she also answered some questions from her followers, such as:

How do I contact MiniMoves?

To request a quote, you can visit their site at, or you can call them Mon-Fri between 8:00am and 6:00pm CST, or Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm CST, at 866-437-3093.



Do they do local/short distance moves within my state?

MiniMoves is a state to state mover. They only provide local moving in their home state of Illinois.

How do you manage having them only pack some stuff and leaving most there?

So this is what I’m really excited about, to actually see exactly what we’re bringing with us. I just made piles in each room of everything we are taking and MiniMoves carefully packed it all up and labeled it! Heaven!

Do they label what they are packing so you can find what you need upon arrival?

Yes! All organized and labeled for each room – it’s going to make getting settled that much easier!

She finished off her post saying how she made it to Florida and she was so happy that they used MiniMoves, since we packed and unloaded everything, and because we specialize in smaller moves, it made it more affordable.

We loved working with Ashley and her family throughout this move! Hats off to our MiniMoves crew that pulled off yet another amazing move. To Ashley, Dino, & family – ❤️ we hope you en-joie your new inn!

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