Moving In with Your Partner

You’re both thinking about moving in together now

You’ve met the love of your life. You’re both thinking about moving in together now. Congratulations! Moving in together can be exciting, but also a significant commitment.  

Moving in together means you see your partner every day. You won’t see the small window of their best behavior that you’re used to seeing; instead, you’ll see the larger picture of who they truly are. 

We’ve compiled a few tips and advice to help you move in together as smoothly as possible. 

Location & Belongings 

If a person is moving into the other person’s home, make sure you both agree that it is a new space that both of you will contribute to making your new home. The person moving in should have an equal say in how to decorate the home as well as what must go.  

When you move in together, have a discussion about which furniture you will buy together and which furniture you will keep. Before moving in, it’s the ideal time to downsize. You’ll also want to plan your move carefully. Will you be hiring full-service movers, renting a truck, or are you moving locally or long-distance 

Money & Responsibilities 

Make a plan for how you and your partner will handle bills. Money is a major source of conflict in relationships. You should take care of this before you move in. How is the rent going to be paid? Will it be split, or will one pay the rent and the other the remaining bills? Will you open a joint checking account? When shopping for home décor and furniture, decide who will buy and whether the cost will be split. 

Responsibilities around the house or apartment should also be discussed. Who will ensure that the clothes are washed? Who is going to make the bed? Who is going to sweep, mop, or vacuum? These are some questions that both parties should consider. One person may despise a particular chore while another does not. Make an effort to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

We suggest that your partner and you focus on how you want your new home to look and leave the packing and moving to the professionals. We’re trained in proper procedures, have the right moving materials for packing, and can complete the job in a quarter of the time. We use skilled, background-checked, drug-tested professional state-to-state movers to deliver big service on small moves.