Moving Industry Capacity - Plan Your Move Early

Demand for moving services is up

Summertime is when everyone moves. Schools are out, the weather is nice(er) and because of that, 65% to 70% of Americans move between May 15th and September 15th every year. The summer of 2022 is quite different. This summer there are events creating demand for moving services that can directly impact your moving day. The Great Resignation is driving employees to change jobs in record numbers, moving cross-country in search of new life/work opportunities. The booming housing market is also prompting families to list their homes and move out-of-state, hoping to capitalize on the crazy selling prices in popular parts of the country. Corporations that put employees moving on hold during the pandemic are beginning to activate those relocations right now. Demand for moving services is up, truck rental companies are running out of trucks in parts of the country, traditional van lines cannot get enough drivers and trucks to support larger moves, and moving dates are going fast!

Contacting moving or truck rental companies six to eight weeks ahead of your planned moving date this summer is our best recommendation. If you know your lease wraps up at the end of August, it is not too soon to schedule a date with a mover. Get quotes from two or three companies so you have options. If you can be flexible on your moving dates, you can often save money by allowing a range of dates for scheduling. If you are planning to rent a truck or a shipping container, make sure they have equipment available in your area and ask if there is a surcharge for dropping off where you are moving. Consider your all-in cost, including fuel for a rental truck, and do not assume that a do-it-yourself move will save any money this summer. MiniMoves® is an affordable full-service option that includes professional loading and unloading by skilled movers.

MiniMoves® has summertime capacity because we are changing the way people move. We use specially designed shipping containers to eliminate the driver and equipment shortages that plague the moving industry. We ship our containers using the unlimited capacity of general freight carriers. They transport our containers from the pick-up agent’s location to the delivery agent’s terminal. Our local crew brings the shipment to the new home, placing everything inside, removing the cloth pads, set-up the furniture, and arranging it as directed. Our 98% on-time record offers predictable moving dates and lets people plan their moves with confidence. MiniMoves’ agents utilize their local labor better by blending our small shipments into their daily schedule, making their workers available to pick up and deliver our moves.

MiniMoves® has summertime capacity that other interstate movers may not have this summer.

Do not wait. Pick your moving company and schedule your dates early, especially if you have a small shipment; an apartment size or less. Planning now will help make sure you get the moving dates you show up the mover you want, not just the mover who can show up.