Not All Corporate Moves Are Created Equal Should They Be Blog

Treating employees well is important to success

One reason that successful companies grow is because of their employees’ performance and productivity. Treating employees well is important to success – offering relocation services is one way to show employees how important they are to the company. Whether you are moving an executive, a new college graduate, or a regional sales manager, companies want to show the same level of respect and attention to each of the employees during their corporate relocation.

One challenge that companies have when relocating their employees is how to show this level of respect within a budget. Not all corporate moves are created equal…but, how do we show equal respect for employees during their corporate relocation?

Moving an Executive or an Intern

What do we mean by the fact that not all corporate moves are created equal? Well, a seasoned employee with a family of four, a 4-bedroom house in the country, will not have the same relocation needs as a new college graduate who is moving their dorm room, or a minimalist millennial transferee moving a small 1 bedroom across the country.

Traditional moving van lines will use small shipments to fill small loads. Because of this, the dates offered for the move are not as flexible. How do you show respect to your new employee when their move date is not flexible? First impressions are important – even with a new hire! When you hire a small move company, such as MiniMoves, you will be able to move your new hire’s belongings on a mutually beneficial date. When you hire MiniMoves, you won’t be charged a minimum weight, rather the price of your move will be based only on the number of items being shipped.

This is how you show respect to your new hires. A small move company will make your new employee feel as though you are taking care of them – which will lead to a mutually respectful employer-employee relationship, a positive attitude, and ultimately a more productive employee.

Corporate Move Services for Everyone

MiniMoves works with both relocation management companies as well as with the corporations directly. With a full-time Certified Relocation Professional® on staff, MiniMoves has the expertise and knowledge necessary to help your employees relocate with confidence. Click here to learn more about how our CRP® can make your corporate relocation smooth, complying with your relocation policies and within your budget.

Our corporate relocation specialists will work with your transferee directly or with a member of your relocation management team on their local or long-distance move to ensure a seamless transition. Whether your transferee is an executive or an intern, every individual or family will receive the same menu of services ranging from self-packing options to full-service packing, preparation services for specialty items, appliance servicing, auto transportation or temporary moving storage. Our team will work within your guidelines and put together the most beneficial package for you and your transferee.

Small Move Companies: The Right Fit for Corporate Moves

What can you expect from working with a small move company for your corporate relocation? You will receive an expert single point of contact, a transit time ranging from 2-12 days, convenient pickup and delivery dates to match your transferee’s schedule, and experienced corporate movers with extremely low claims rates, a guaranteed price quote, an easy audit, and predictable service at a competitive cost. If you’re looking to service your corporate relocations, call MiniMoves to learn how a small move company can be beneficial to your pocketbook while still providing top-tier service to your transferees.