Packing Tips

Packing can be a time-consuming chore that takes a combination of skill and the right materials to prepare your household articles for moving.

We suggest that you have our packing professionals pack and move your apartment or home for you. We’re trained in proper procedures, have the right moving materials for packing and can complete the job in a quarter of the time. When you use our moving packing services, your house stays as functional as it is today until the day before your move.

Even if you decide to do most of your own packing for your move, we recommend that you have us pack and prepare:

  • Glass tops, mirrors and pictures
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Extremely fragile items

We can also arrange crating for:

  • Marble tops
  • Large glass tops
  • Pool table slate
  • Valuable paintings and artwork

If you pack your apartment or if we do the job, these things should not be packed into boxes planned for the move:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Jewelry
  • Firearms (consult local laws) or ammunition
  • Personal papers like birth certificates, deeds and policies
  • Coin or stamp collections
  • Irreplaceable family photos

Never pack any flammables, matches, lighters, fireworks or explosives, fuels, solvents or aerosol cans. Bleach or other caustic liquids are also a risk because if they leak they will cause damage to other items and best left behind for safety.

If you decide to do your own packing for your move, you can benefit from knowing these house and apartment packing tips that help us pack safely and stay organized.

Good cartons make all the difference. You can buy the cartons and moving materials you will need from us.  We can help you choose the sizes and quantities that are right for your move. You will save valuable time compared to tracking down suitable cartons at supermarkets. If you get cartons on your own, they need to be clean and sturdy to safely protect your goods. Liquor stores have boxes with dividers that are great for stemware or other fragile glass.

All cartons need to have a top on them for safe moving. Closing the carton will help protect your goods as the driver builds your load. Always fold the flaps together from opposite sides of the carton, ending with the last two flaps creating one seam across the carton. Use good quality carton tape to seal your boxes, taping across the seam and 1/2 way up the side of the box. It’s the tape along the side of the box that provides the strength to keep the carton closed and secure for transportation.

Proper marking helps you unpack faster. Mark every carton with your name, your MiniMoves order number and the room name on the top of the carton. Make notes about the contents of the carton on the side of the box. If you do, the delivery crew can get them placed in the right room and you will be able to read the contents-information when the boxes are all stacked up at delivery.

Don’t overcrowd boxes that contain fragile items. Start off the box with a good layer of cushioning. Crumple newsprint and place it liberally across the bottom of the carton. Be sure to stuff more along the sides of the carton as you pack. Fill any open spaces at the top before closing. The box should close with slight pressure and the top of the carton should be flat and even.

Wrap fragile articles the same way the professionals do. Use two or three layers of unprinted newsprint per glass, dish or figurine. Wrap firmly, but loose enough to provide a cushioning effect. Unprinted newsprint helps to keep you and your china, crystal and figurines clean while packing.

Pack glassware and dishes on end. These items are much stronger and less likely to be damaged when packed on end. Wrap plates into bundles making sure to layer two or three sheets of paper between each plate. Crumpled paper between layers provides cushioning. Bowls, saucers and serving plates are to be packed on their edge too.

Pack heavy items in small cartons and lighter things in big boxes. Books, hand tools, canned goods, and files should be packed into a box no larger than our 1.5 cu. ft. carton (12”X12”X18”). A small box full of books can weigh 50 pounds or more! Pots and pans, shoes and clothing, and many other items in your house can be safely packed in a medium size carton. Pillows, lamp shades, comforters and board games go into large cartons.

When packing for moving, make sure you pack like items together. Gather breakable items to put into a dish pack: a sturdy double wall carton that is designed to protect fragile items. Two or more table lamp bases can be padded and placed in a dish pack too.

Pack an “Open Me First” carton of things you are likely to need on the day you move into your home. Light bulbs, hand tools, paper towels and toilet paper, soap, trash bags and a first aid kit are just some of the things that would be good to have in one place on the day you move in.

Wardrobe cartons save wrinkles. Equipped with a bar for hanging clothes or draperies, this box is the best way to pack items on hangers. You will need one for every 24” of closet space. Wardrobe cartons are great for packing tall or unusually large items like silk plants and sports equipment.


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