Peak Moving Season is Almost Here Top 10 Tips for Moving State to State

Peak moving season is around the corner

Peak moving season is just over the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you need to stress out. We call it peak moving season because the end of spring, leading into the summer, is the height of people moving state to state. Whether it’s a college student who recently graduated and accepted a new job or a family moving while their kids are out of school for the summer, there are many reasons why this season exists.

Peak moving season means many things – including the fact that your favorite moving companies will be booking up soon! How do you maintain a low-stress move during peak moving season? Here are our top 10 tips to follow when relocating that can help you plan a move:

Budget within your means

Moving budgets can vary widely. Before you start researching the different ways on how to move across state lines, consider a budget within your means. This will help you determine which route to take (no pun intended) on how to move.

Research moving companies

Once you’ve determined a moving budget, you should start doing your research. There are different types of moving companies out there – and there are also different quality moving companies. Use this checklist to determine whether a moving company is legit or not. Moving companies can also vary by services offered. For example, a moving company like MiniMoves specializes in small moves and will not charge you a minimum weight.

Visit your new city and state

To reduce the stress of moving to another state, you should consider a quick trip pre-move to get the lay of the land in your new city. This will help you learn about neighborhoods, transportation, the community, and schools. It should reduce some of the anxieties you may have about moving to someplace unfamiliar.

Find your new home

If you do end up hiring a moving company to transport your belongings, they will need a destination address. It will be very helpful if you already have access to your new residence. We suggest using the quick pre-move trip as an opportunity to view potential residences and sign a lease or put an offer on a home.

Consider all your moving options

You have several options to move from state-to-state. You can hire a moving company to come and pack your belongings into a truck, drive them to your new residence, and unload for you. You can also hire a moving company to pack your belongings into boxes before loading the truck. Or, you could DIY part or all of your move. You can also rent temporary storage, a moving truck, or just purge your belongings and transport everything you own in your own vehicle. Depending on your budget and time-restraints, your moving possibilities are endless. MiniMoves offers everything from full-service with packing options and will work with you on your timeline. Here’s a handy comparison list to get you started!

Ask for help

Another way to reduce stress during a move is to solicit help from family and friends. Packing is a daunting task. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – whether it’s to watch your pets or children – or it’s to pack, paint, find a new residence, research moving companies, or a number of other tasks. There are many ways you can ask for help.

Pack strategically

These packing tips should help you create a strategic plan for your move far in advance. Consider purging your belongings before you pack everything in boxes. Reducing the number of items you bring with you can also lower stress.

Book your moving company well in advance

It’s peak moving season, which means that everyone is calling moving companies and booking as soon as possible. Whether you plan to hire a full-service moving company or rent a moving truck, you want to do this as soon as possible to get the dates you want to move. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to schedule your move on your own timeline. A quality moving company will be booked early and often.

Tell everyone that you are moving

Informing as many people as possible about your move will help you stay in touch with others during and after your move! While calling every family member, friend and co-worker about your upcoming move may be time-consuming and impossible, consider emailing your new mailing address. You will feel more in touch with others if you keep them informed.


The hardest task of moving is relaxing, but this is the most important tip! While peak moving season can come with a series of overwhelming tasks, the more often you can remember to relax, the smoother your move will go. Planning, writing things down, using a calendar and organizing will help.

MiniMoves wishes you a smooth move. If you are in your research phase and you are looking for a quote that is not dependent on a minimum size truck – in other words, if you have a small upcoming move – then call us today for a free quote. You will never be charged a minimum weight. Speak with one of our relocation specialists today for a free quote!