Environmental Sustainability

Pioneering Environmental Sustainability at MiniMoves Inc.

Environmental sustainability has become increasingly vital in our world today. At MiniMoves Inc., we are aware of moving’s carbon footprint and are committed to minimizing our environmental impact while delivering exceptional moving services. From our innovative state-to-state shipping containers to new partnerships with local reuse and repurposing centers, we are making a positive difference for the planet. 

Our Eco-Friendly Approach 

At the core of our sustainability commitment lies our focus on waste reduction throughout the moving process. Recognizing that conventional moving practices often result in significant waste generation, we have implemented eco-friendly alternatives every step of the way. 

  1. Recyclable Shipping Containers and Reusable Pads

We prioritize the use of tri-wall cardboard shipping containers and reusable cloth furniture pads to safeguard our customers’ belongings during transit. These containers not only offer superior protection but are also more environmentally friendly than traditional wood shipping containers known as lift vans. 

Cloth Furniture Pads: Unlike competitors using single-use paper pads, MiniMoves® employs cloth furniture pads for all US domestic shipments. These pads undergo up to 200 reapplications, significantly reducing the waste that results from single-use paper pads. By opting for cloth pads, we estimate a reduction of 240,000 pounds (about 108862.08 kg) of paper product waste annually. 

Tri-wall Cardboard Containers: In contrast to industry-standard wooden crates, our tri-wall corrugated containers offer enhanced durability and recyclability. Their larger size and lighter weight result in reduced transportation costs and fuel consumption, saving approximately 768,000 pounds (about 348358.66 kg). (about 348358.66 kg) of lumber waste annually. 

  1. Sustainable Packing Paper

In addition to containers and pads, we prioritize the use of sustainable packing paper made from recycled materials. By opting for recycled paper products, we reduce the demand for virgin materials and minimize the environmental impact of our packing materials. 

  1. LTL freight transportation 

Traditional van line service requires a hauling fleet that is inefficient to operate. It is often necessary to run the truck on “deadhead” miles just traveling to the loading points of the shipments. On an average cross-country trip, it is estimated that the driver will travel more than 500 miles to accommodate the enroute pickups and deliveries. Our method of operation uses local service providers for the first mile and final mile of service and then engages Less-than-Truckload (LTL) to move our specially designed shipping containers. These LTL carriers efficiently run fixed routes between our service terminals across the country, with zero out-of-route miles, saving approximately 133,000 gallons (about 503459.53 L) of diesel fuel annually. 

Partnering for Positive Change 

In line with our commitment to sustainability, MiniMoves is working with local reuse and recycling centers and the Chicago Furniture Bank. Through this collaboration, we lighten the load by assisting customers in eliminating unnecessary household goods before they relocate, saving money on moving costs and getting those unwanted items to someone in need. 

Do you have junk and need to declutter and clean out unwanted items? MiniMoves has also partnered with local junk removal companies like Junk Jaws. Our customers appreciate the convenience of having all their moving and decluttering needs met by a single service provider. 

How It Works 

Our moving coordinators collaborate closely with customers to identify items suitable for donation, recycling, or repurposing, and then help them arrange for these services, thereby reducing moving costs, waste, and environmental impact. One of the primary benefits of eliminating household goods pre-move is the reduction of the environmental footprint. By donating and recycling unwanted items, we help conserve resources and reduce fuel consumption during transit, further minimizing our carbon footprint. 

Join Us in Making a Difference 

At MiniMoves Inc., we believe in the power of collective action. By selecting our eco-friendly moving services, customers contribute to protecting the planet for future generations. 


As a leader in the moving industry, MiniMoves Inc. takes pride in pioneering environmental sustainability. Through our innovative practices and partnerships, we are committed to minimizing waste and reducing our carbon footprint.  Join us in our mission to move responsibly and safeguard the planet every step of the way. Visit https://minimoves.com/about-us/whyminimoves/environmental-sustainability-with-minimoves-2/ to learn more!