Planning a Senior Move

That stage-of-life move can happen for several reasons

Efficient, Affordable Worry Free Moving

Whether for yourself or for a loved one, planning a senior move is inescapable for most of us. That stage-of-life move can happen for several reasons: downsizing to a smaller home, moving some items to a second retirement home, or moving to a senior living continuing care facility. It is difficult for any of us to part ways with our stuff, and especially hard for seniors because of the special memories that are tied to the things that have been a part of their entire lives. It is crucial to plan a senior move carefully to reduce stress and be more at peace. MiniMoves® helps seniors and their families make moving worry-free and more at ease. We have a special team of customer support people who work closely with Senior Move Managers, assisted living facilities and family members who are guiding their parents through this stage of life event. 

Downsizing by Discarding, Donating, or Distributing 

Once seniors decide it is time to move, belongings they no longer need should be shared with someone else by donating them or distributing them to family members. Getting rid of unwanted items through donation centers or charities is a wonderful way to show an act of kindness when downsizing. Items of sentimental value can be sent to family or friends across the country. Seniors or family members can rely on MiniMoves® to take care of the fragile item packing. Our professional and experienced movers are meticulous when packing mementos, artwork, or glassware to ensure the belongings arrive at their destination safe and intact. 

Consider Hiring a Senior Move Manager 

A Senior Move Manager is a project manager who specializes in managing moves for seniors. The National Association of Senior Move Managers is a trade association with an organizational accreditation program where members must follow a strict code of ethics to ensure integrity when working with seniors. The mission of NASMM is to “facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults” with compassion and integrity. NASMM members help seniors downsize, organize, and move, or simplify their current home with their NASMM@Home program. 

Hire A Professional Moving Company 

MiniMoves® is proud to have partnered with NASMM because we support the work that Senior Managers do. They provide dignity to a senior move. As a full-service moving company, MiniMoves® is not only comfortable, but also very experienced with relocating seniors. Because we do not charge a minimum weight fee to move even just a few pieces of furniture or boxes, MiniMoves® is a smart choice for full-service state-to-state moving that is cost-effective in senior relocation. Let us ship that desk to Denver or the dining room set to Dallas. In fact, why not start enjoying some of that preparedness and peace of mind now? Review some of the moving and shipping services we offer and explore MiniMoves’  retirement center moves. If you are at that stage in life or working with a family member or loved one moving, we have built an efficient, affordable special service to distribute family heirloom furniture and mementoes with the exceptional care those items deserve.