Referral Agents

MiniMoves is a Full Service moving company that specializes in the preparation, transportation and delivery of small loads nationally and internationally. With our extensive network of over 100 service providers, we are positioned to provide unparalleled quality and service to your customers. No other moving company can offer the type of hands on full service door-to-door coverage for small loads that we can. We are not freight brokers or a Pack and Ship Store posing as a moving company. Our moving agents are real movers just like you.

We currently work with an elite network of referral agents throughout the country and we are excited about the tremendous value and quality we can offer your customers with our door-to-door moving services. When you partner with MiniMoves you will maintain the relationships with previous and new customers and elevate your status to “Trusted Advisor” in the hearts and minds of your clients. Your customers will be grateful and remain loyal when you go the extra mile to assist them. Your moving company can be assured that customers with small loads that do not fit into the traditional Van Line system can be handled efficiently, honestly and at reasonable cost. Furthermore, you will be a source of service to customers when your competitors could not or would not help.

At MiniMoves we recognize the tremendous benefit of your referral; we respect the sensitive nature that an endorsement to a service provider has on your company. That is exactly why we have made a considerable investment of time and finances to further enhance and develop systems that will allow us to provide superior value and services to your customers.

We prefer to work with your customers directly and offer a referral agent network that can further enhance your company’s position as a full service van line.

To learn more about our referral agent network, simply contact MiniMoves!