Looking for other moving resources to help you with your move? You’ve come to the right place!

Moving is an infrequent event in life and without the benefit of repetitive experience it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some moving resources and a tools list to help you on your quest to find small moving companies worthy of entrusting your life’s possessions for a safe and successful cross-country or international move.

✔  Federal Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationBefore moving your household goods, movers are required to give you this Ready To Move Brochure and a booklet entitled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. They provide basic information that will help you understand the documents that a mover will ask you to sign. The booklet also explains your rights if your household goods are lost or damaged. Copies of this brochure and booklet can be downloaded from the website- Protect Your Move , which has additional helpful consumer information.

✔ American Trucking Association – The American Trucking Association Moving and Storage Conference (ATA-MSC) is a nonprofit trade group based in the Washington, D.C. area whose mission is to educate consumers and help them make good moving choices. Member companies subscribe to a Code of Ethics that sets high standards of reliability and integrity. MiniMoves is a proud member of the ATA- MSC.

✔ Better Business Bureau – BBB helps people find and recommend moving businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. MiniMoves has been rated and reviewed by the Better Business Bureau for 20 years and has an A+ rating based on the BBB grading criteria. See what the BBB has to say about MiniMoves Inc. and other small moving companies.

✔ National Association of Senior Move Managers – The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) is the leading membership organization for Move Managers in the United States, Canada, and abroad. NASMM Move Managers have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce quality results. Services are client-centered and personalized to meet your specific needs and preferences. All general members of the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) must meet strict vetting requirements before approval.

✔ Department of Agriculture Gypsy Moth Alert – The gypsy moth is one of the most destructive pests of trees and shrubs to ever be introduced to the United States. Since 1970 gypsy moths have defoliated more than 75 million acres in the United States. To help prevent the further spread of this destructive pest, the USDA requires that homeowners inspect and remove gypsy moth egg masses from household goods prior to moving from an infested area to a non-infested area. Use this link to see if you reside in a gypsy moth area.

✔ How To Do Your Own Packing – Here are some valuable moving tools that will help you properly pack your household goods for moving. The types of packing boxes you select and how you place items in those boxes can make all the difference between success and disaster. Learn how to do a great job from the pros and save money on your move with this moving resource.

✔ Illinois Movers and Warehouseman’s Association – The IMAWA is a nationally recognized trade association based in Springfield, IL. As an Illinois-based moving company, MiniMoves, Inc is proud to be a member of this great association and fully supports the IMAWA Code of Ethics. This website has links to a number of moving guides. Click here- Understand Your Options for Loss and Damage Reimbursement on Household Goods Moves in Illinois.

✔ ProMover – Finding a reputable, reliable mover or moving company is critical to any relocation. The Internet has made it easy for almost anyone to create a professional-looking website with moving advice and claim to be a “mover.” In reality, some are fly-by-night operators who may not even own a truck. To provide consumers with a symbol of quality they can trust for interstate moves, the American Trucking Association Moving and Storage Conference established the ProMover Program which is a moving tool that certifies moving companies that have passed a background check and agree to uphold a Code of Ethics. MiniMoves is a ProMover member of the ATA- MSC.

✔ Protect Your Move – All interstate movers are federally licensed by the Department of Transportation and subject to the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Purchasing moving services is an infrequent event so it’s hard to know how to select a mover you can trust.  Unlicensed companies, masquerading as legitimate movers, prey on hundreds of families every year. These rogue movers can be easily identified by doing a little research. Protect Your Move is a government moving guide that helps reduce fraud by tracking the licensing and safety information on moving companies. It’s a great moving resource to learn more about a mover before you entrust your life’s possessions to their care.

✔ Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move – This booklet, presented by the Department of Transportation, is your best moving tool for information about interstate moving. It will guide you through the process of getting a quote for your move, explain what to expect on moving day, review your options for payment of your moving charges and explains how to file a claim should that become necessary. Set aside all of the sales literature you receive and read this booklet first to get the facts about moving.

✔  Finding A Reputable MoverDon't let scammers take over. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers free resources and tools to help prepare for your move and to protect yourself from moving fraud. Click here to learn more.

Moving is an unexpected expense for many people, so sticking within a budget is typically a top priority. Unfortunately, moving companies prey on individuals who need to stick within a budget and will advertise low prices to draw you in. Next time you're planning to relocate, look out for signs of a scam moving company.