Should you consider a move towards a smaller living space?

As the landscape of the real estate market undergoes seismic shifts, with home prices reaching unprecedented heights and mortgage interest rates hitting record levels, many Americans find themselves reassessing their homeownership dreams. In this era of financial constraints, the path to affordability seems to be paved with a deliberate move towards smaller living spaces. 

Over the past half-decade, the average size of new housing starts has experienced a notable contraction, diminishing by 10% and settling at an average of 2,420 square feet. This downsizing trend is particularly evident in some of the nation’s most competitive and sought-after real estate markets. In cities like Seattle, the newly constructed homes of today are a striking 18% smaller than those built just five years ago, underlining a significant departure from the traditional concept of expansive living spaces. Similarly, homes in Charlotte, N.C., and San Antonio have seen a 14% reduction in size. 

However, the strategy of downsizing alone may not be a solution for making homeownership more accessible. According to insights from a reputable research firm, the comprehensive cost of homeownership, encompassing monthly payments, maintenance, and other associated charges, has surged by a staggering 72% between February 2020 and May 2023. This underscores the nuanced economic challenges faced by prospective homeowners, even as they opt for more modest living arrangements. 

Recent data from the real estate market presents a paradoxical scenario. While the sales of new single-family homes spiked in July of 2023, reaching the highest levels in over a year, the median price simultaneously soared to an eye-watering $436,700. This surge in prices could be attributed to the growing demand for housing and the limited availability of affordable options. On another front, mortgage rates for the average 30-year fixed mortgage hit an alarming 7.31% last week, marking a new 23-year high. This sudden spike led to a sharp decline in demand, plunging to a 28-year low, as reported by CNBC. 

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