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Stress-free moving always starts with hiring the right mover

Moving has the potential of being one of life’s most stressful events. It is exciting to move to a new apartment or to a new city and you don’t want to lose that excitement stressing over your move. Eliminating stress and anxiety are important factors for a healthy life and properly planning your move can keep you smiling all the way through the event.  

Selecting the right mover is where it all starts. Some local movers do not handle interstate moves. Conversely, some big moving companies with a great reputation only do state-to-state moves and would be the wrong company for a local move. Picking your mover is a bit of the Goldilocks story; some are too big, some are too little, but there’s one out there that’s just right for your move.

MiniMoves® can help you simplify your move by being a “relocation counselor” to help you find the right fit for your move. From start to finish, we will guide and help you make good choices that will make your move an easy thing of the past. 

Finding the right mover for a stress-free move starts with a little research. Always confirm a mover’s reputation and reliability with the Better Business Bureau. We encourage you to research the moving companies you are considering. Learn how to find a mover you can trust at Protect Your Move from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They offer good information to help you get ready to move with a great moving checklist and valuable information about the difference between Moving Companies and Moving Brokers. 

To simplify your move, we suggest that you have our packing professionals pack your apartment or home for you. We’re trained in proper procedures, have the right moving materials for packing, and can complete the job in a quarter of the time. When you use our moving packing services, instead of packing for weeks before your move, your life happens as it does every day, and your house stays as functional until the day before your move. 

The path to a stress-free moving day starts with these five things: 

  1. Clearly identify and set aside the items you don’t want to be moved. This task is super important if you are sharing space with someone else. Use colored self-adhesive dots from the office supply section of the store to tag the items you want the movers to take. 
  2. If you live in a congested area or an apartment complex, try to reserve a space for the truck to park safely. The distance between your apartment and the location where the truck is parked can have an impact on the cost of your move. 
  3. Get rid of the trash the day before the move. Those stories about “the guys moved my trash” are true. When the movers get to your home, their goal is to get it empty and if the trash is there it will be in the way or could find its way to the truck. 
  4. During the walkthrough at the start of the job, point out things that were difficult to move when you moved in, and be sure to point out specific items that are special to you or of a unique value so the movers can take special care of those items. 
  5. Before the crew leaves, make sure to ask for clarification if you don’t understand any of the paperwork and do one last walkthrough with the crew, checking closets and storage areas so that nothing is left behind when the movers depart. 

Stress-free moving always starts with hiring the right mover. Get two or three quotes. If something looks too good to be true, check it out. Ask for references and look for social media reviews. Even the best companies have service issues but look to see how they respond to their customers and how they fix what went wrong. Research is the key to a stress-free versus a stress-filled moving experience.