The State-to-State Move: What Are My Moving Options?

We’re here to help you better understand what your out of state moving options are

If you’re currently planning a state-to-state move, you’re probably overwhelmed by your options on how to make the move. Your availability, budget, and personal preferences will each have bearing on your final moving decision. If you are relocating for work, you may be fortunate enough to have your home moved for you. But, most people don’t have this option and therefore must do their own research to see what is best for them. We’re here to help you better understand what your out of state moving options are.

The DIY Move: Is it Right for Me?

Your first option is to plan and execute the entire out of state move on your own. The benefits of doing a “DIY move” include a lower cost and full control over the moving process. If you’re planning a full DIY move, that means you will rent your own moving truck, secure your own packing materials and boxes, pack your own belongings, load the moving truck by yourself (for some pizza and beer, you could possibly even lure your friends to help!), drive the truck to your destination, unload your belongings, and return the moving truck to a local drop-off.

While this moving option might save you some money, this type of move is exhausting! From researching the best prices on rental trucks to physically packing your belongings and loading them into the car to making the trek to your destination in a large truck, you’ll find moving to be a long, tedious process. Sure, you’ll be able to move on your own timeline and have control over the process – but it will cost you time. Not only that, but your belongings won’t be insured and if you break an item during the move, you won’t be compensated for the loss.

Renting a Moving Container

Another option for your state to state move is to rent a moving container. Some people would call this a partial-DIY move in that you’ll do the bulk of the moving, but you won’t be physically driving your belongings to your destination. One benefit of the moving container is it gives you a convenient temporary storage unit right outside of your home leading up to your moving day. While you pack up your belongings, you can move them to the moving container as they are packed. Most moving containers are made from weather-proof steel and can be left outdoors for quite some time.

Some moving containers can fit an entire 3-4-bedroom household! Once you’ve self-loaded the moving container, the company who owns the container will then pick it up and drive it to your destination. You are responsible for unloading the container into your new home. While a moving container may be more expensive than renting a moving truck, it is typically less expensive than hiring a professional moving company. With a container, you are still responsible for the load/unload and therefore your belongings won’t be insured during the loading or unloading process.

Some companies, such as MiniMoves, also offers temporary storage facilities in case you still want to use professional movers – but need some extra time to store your belongings. Read more about these options here.

Hiring a Freight Trailer Moving Company

There are several freight trailer or van line moving companies who will load your belongings onto their truck, and transport it to your destination. While this will save you significant time and energy compared to a DIY or partial DIY move, this can get pricey, and there are some other factors to consider when considering this option.

It goes without mention that one of the benefits of a van line is having professionals load and unload your belongings onto the truck. With that said, it’s important to note that freight trailers and van lines will have a minimum weight or size for your move. This means that if you are trying to move your 1 bedroom apartment somewhere, you will be paying a minimum moving rate regardless of how much you are moving! That’s right, you could be paying for a move for a 3-4 bedroom home even if you are moving half as much in weight or size!

If you are moving a smaller home, or even just part of your home, then you should consider a small move solution such as MiniMoves. MiniMoves is the only national full service moving company entirely dedicated to small moves. We do not have a minimum weight or minimum size rate, and therefore you’ll only be charged for what you are moving. Whether it’s an apartment, dormitory, condominium, townhouse or even just a piece of furniture, a room or an apartment full of furnishings, MiniMoves offers the lowest cargo claims rate of any interstate van line because of its furniture shipping services, and, you’ll still be working with professional movers. (…and, MiniMoves also offers professional packers if you are really short on time!)

Given all the moving options available to you, making a state-to-state move is not an easy journey. Let MiniMoves help you decide what type of move is best for you. Give us a call for a free quote today!