Tips and tricks when Moving Internationally with Kids

Tips and Tricks from MM Worldwide, A Division of MiniMoves Inc.

Moving internationally during the summer months requires careful planning and consideration, as it coincides with school breaks and holidays in many countries. From navigating peak moving season to understanding potential impacts on children’s education and adjusting to different cultural norms during holiday periods, there are several key factors that families need to be aware of when undertaking an international move during the summer.  

We know that moving internationally can be a thrilling adventure, but it also comes with its own set of challenges, especially when you have children. At MM Worldwide, a division of MiniMoves Inc., we understand the complexities of relocating families across borders, and we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible. In this blog post, we’ll share some valuable tips and tricks for moving with kids, drawing on our expertise and insights gained from previous blogs on topics such as adjusting to a new school and making new friends in a new country.  

Here’s what you need to know to ensure a smooth transition for your family during this busy time of year- 

Involve Your Kids in the Planning Process: 

From the outset, involve your children in the planning process for the international move. This can help them feel more included and alleviate some of their anxieties about the transition. 

Hold family meetings to discuss the move, share information about the new country, and address any concerns or questions your kids may have. 

Encourage your children to participate in decisions like choosing new furniture or decorations for their rooms in the new home. Giving them a sense of ownership can empower them and make the move feel more exciting. 

Research the New Country Together: 

Take the opportunity to learn about the culture, language, and customs of the new country as a family. Explore books, websites, and documentaries together to gain insights into what life will be like in your new home. 

Teach your children some basic phrases in the local language to help them feel more confident and prepared for the move. 

If possible, plan a pre-move visit to the new country to explore the area, visit potential schools, and get a feel for the local community. 

Address School Transitions: 

Moving to a new country often means transitioning to a new school system, which can be daunting for children. Prioritize researching and selecting schools that align with your children’s educational needs and preferences. 

Reach out to the new school’s administration to inquire about orientation programs or support services available for new students. Many schools offer resources to help children acclimate to their new environment and make friends. 

Encourage your kids to stay connected with old friends through social media, video calls, or letters. Maintaining these relationships can provide comfort and stability during the transition period. 

Foster Social Connections: 

Moving to a new country presents an opportunity for your children to meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Encourage them to embrace this experience and be open to making new friends. 

Seek out local community events, sports clubs, or extracurricular activities where your children can engage with peers and build social connections. 

Consider hosting a welcome party or playdate for your children and their new classmates to help break the ice and facilitate friendships. 

As you prepare for your international move with kids, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right resources. For deeper insights and practical advice, consider reading “Third Culture Kids, Revised Edition: Growing Up Among Worlds” by Ruth E. Van Reken, David C. Pollock, and Michael V. Pollock, and “Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World” by Robin Pascoe. These books offer invaluable guidance on helping your children adjust to a new culture and environment, ensuring a smoother transition for your entire family.  

Moving internationally with kids can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for the whole family. By involving your children in the planning process, researching the new country together, addressing school transitions, and fostering social connections, you can help ease the transition and make the move a positive and memorable adventure for your family. At MM Worldwide, we’re here to support you every step of the way as you embark on this exciting journey. Happy moving from all of us at MM Worldwide!