Tips for Moving to a High-Rise Building

We have compiled a list of tips you can follow to make the move to a high-rise building an easier process

Moving is a challenge in itself but moving to a high-rise building makes it more complicated. It may seem like it’s impossible to move your furniture to the top floor. We have compiled a list of tips you can follow to make the move to a high-rise building an easier process.  

Accuracy Counts 

Provide your mover with an accurate inventory of what items are being relocated. Smaller moves can be estimated with a phone survey. It is absolutely critical to provide an accurate estimate to ensure a stress-free move day. 


Before moving out, it’s important to downsize on any items/possessions you don’t want or need. This will help make your move more efficient since you will have less items to move. Getting rid of unwanted items through donation centers or charities is a great way to show an act of kindness. 


Plan on contacting building management or the landlord to reserve the elevator for a specific time frame on move in day. Moving on a weekday helps reserving the elevator much easier. Measure the elevator to make sure your furniture fits and if it doesn’t fit, then it gives you time to take it apart. Take note of the maximum weight the elevator can handle.  

Plan for parking and Permits 

Each city and municipality are different. Be sure to check with your building and local authorities. 

Take measurements of all rooms 

Be sure the items you do not purge will fit in your new residence. Although the items you choose to be moved may have semimetal value there are no guarantees they will fit into your new residence. 

Consider storage options 

Most movers offer storage options or can add an additional stop to a public storage for an additional fee.   

Hire A Professional Moving Company 

The easiest and most convenient way of dealing with a complicated move to a high-rise building is to leave it to the professionals. MiniMoves® has a 4.5 rating on Angi’s List. From start to finish we will guide and help you make your move an easy thing of the past. Our professional and experienced movers have the tools, experience, and equipment needed to help you move to a high-rise building. Give us a call today to see how MiniMoves® can help or to get a free estimate!