Top 10 Tips for Moving with Kids

Follow these tips to make moving easy with kids

Moving your family, including young children, adds an additional challenge to state-to-state relocation. On top of the anxiety and stress about wondering how your children will adapt to living in a new place, the physical act of packing and moving your belongings while juggling parenting is stressful as well.

There are some actions you can take to help alleviate the burden that comes with moving your family state to state. Here are our top 10 tips for moving with kids from our own family movers:

  1. Pack most of your belongings while your kids are asleep

At the end of the day, you’re exhausted. But, you will find it easier to pack your belongings when your children are not fighting for your attention or taking the liberty to help themselves to what you are packing. If you plan to give away or throw away anything that might be sentimental to your kids, it will be easier if they aren’t there to witness the act. Trust us.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to watch your kids

If you’re distracted while you pack, you will never remember where you packed everything – making unpacking much more difficult and inefficient! You may end up taking items you don’t want to keep or tossing items that you do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to make the process more efficient! Consider family members or babysitters in this case to help both you and your kids during the move.

3. On that note, don’t be afraid to ask for help with your packing

If you don’t have any close family members or babysitters available, consider seeking help with packing! Start by inquiring with your moving company. A full-service state to state moving company, such as MiniMoves, will have an option for your movers to pack your belongings for you. While this may be an added expense, the time-cost-stress factor is invaluable.

4. Start now!

You need the extra time. We promise.

5. Sell or give away your belongings on Craigslist or Facebook groups

Whether you are looking to sell an item or give it away, you can take advantage of the online and app services such as Craigslist, LetGo, or local neighborhood and mom Facebook groups. Even if you’re planning to put something on the curb for the taking, alerting your neighborhood that it’s out there on the curb will help save you a trip to the dump.

6. Pack a suitcase for each family member

Whether it will take a few hours, or a few days, to travel to your new residence, you’ll want to pack a separate suitcase for every family member. You can use a small duffle bag or a full-size suitcase – whatever will fit in your mode of transportation. This will ensure that each family member has their most prized possessions, as well as clothing and necessities for the physical relocation instead of accidentally sending them on the moving truck!

7. Include your children in the packing

Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, there is something that they can do to help. Transitions are hard for everyone and especially hard for young children. Easing them into the process, as well as talking to them about their new home, as well as memories of their old home, could help this transition smoother for your kids.

8. Schedule time for the family to say ‘goodbye’ to your home

While this may seem silly, in many cases – this was your children’s home forever! Make it special for them by hosting a formal goodbye to the house with them. Whether it’s pizza night at home where you talk about all your memories, or you take photos of the whole house with your family, you will want to reflect on the home together.

9. If possible, plan a trip to your new neighborhood

This isn’t always possible, but if you can swing an additional trip to your new home prior to moving – this could make the ‘unknown’ less fearful for your children. Knowing what is ‘on the other side’ can help them better understand what life will be like after the big move.

10. Accept that things won’t be perfect

This is pretty self-explanatory. Things won’t be perfect. One thing you can count on, though, is a professional and experienced moving company to make it less stressful. By hiring a professional state-to-state moving company such as MiniMoves, you will have one less thing to worry about. You will be at ease knowing that your belongings will get to your destination in one piece and that you are working with professionals who care about your family’s move.

For a free moving quote for your upcoming state to state move with children, please contact MiniMoves today. Whether you’re moving a small apartment or a large house, we offer competitive rates, reliability, and professionalism.