Top Packing Tips for Moving

Moving Efficiently and Safely

When it comes to moving, packing is one of those must-dos. Although, it’s one of the must-dos most of us could do without. In fact, it’s time-consuming and typically labor-intensive. As a result, it seems like a lot of unavoidable hassle. But, what if it could actually become one of the things that saves you time and money? What if it could result in a highly successful move? Maybe the key to that is a little planning and knowing how to optimize the process. Also, a good start might be having a look at some top packing tips for moving.

Top Packing Tips For Moving Efficiently and Safely

Once you decide to move, begin by having plenty of packing supplies. These include boxes, often of various sizes, and other materials. You can go shopping for these supplies at places like Home Depot and Lowes. However, if you have a small move and use a professional moving service like MiniMoves, you get all new packing supplies, as much as you need delivered to your door. In fact, we will do some or all of the actual packing for you. With our household packing services, you’ll get welcome relief, as trained crews arrive to help out, quickly and safely.

Make it a priority to prioritize the safe packing of your documents and valuables. Also, they must not be packed and handled with everything else. In fact, you should secure them together safely, carrying them with you. These documents would include things like birth certificates and bank statements. Valuables would include jewelry and collectibles.

Be diligent about labeling your boxes and packages. It will allow you and your mover to keep track of everything. Also, it will allow you to maintain control over all those ‘moving parts’.  In fact, why not add different colors for each room in the house? That’s an easy step and can save you a lot of headaches and time. Also, you know, you can put the same colors up on the rooms in your new home. Now, that’s a smart move!

It’s important to remember that some things cannot be packed and carried by moving trucks. In fact, it’s illegal to do so. Also, they cannot be warehoused legally. They include flammable and corrosive materials. They include explosives and fireworks.  In fact, even fertilizer, paints, and perishable foods must be excluded from moving truck transport and warehousing. Check with MiniMoves to get a list of everything prohibited.

On a final note, put these top packing tips for moving efficiently and safely into action. Then, find you have time to enjoy your whole small move experience, packing and all. In fact, you might even find it can be a fun experience, with professionals like Mini Moves assisting. Why not give us a call today? We’re a national full-service moving company. And, we want to send your moving blues packing!