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Weather can make or break your move, so it is important to consider the impact when moving.

Moving on a bright sunny day can be hard enough, but sometimes bad weather can add another layer of difficulty to a job that is already hard enough.  The weather conditions can have a big impact on your move if you are not prepared.  Let’s review several ways in which weather conditions can influence your move and provide you with practical tips to navigate potential challenges. 

Temperature Extremes: 

  • Hot Weather – Moving during hot weather of the summer can create challenges for both the individuals moving and the professional movers. The heat can lead to quicker exhaustion, dehydration, and discomfort. This weather may cause the move to take longer if the workers must take breaks as well as giving them enough time to recover after lifting certain pieces of furniture.  
  • Cold WeatherWinter moves with freezing weather brings their own set of challenges.  When it is just frigid outside, the movers may need breaks to warm up throughout the move. If the weather conditions consist of snow and ice, there is a risk of slippery surfaces and a risk of dragging snow into your residence.  Most movers have some sort of floor protection; however, it is extremely hard to keep the entire residence spotless.  The best approach is to clear a path for the movers to get into the house to minimize how much snow or salt comes in with them on their shoes. Use old towels or floormats at the door to help keep dirt and water out.  

Rain and Storms 

  • Rainy Days – Rain during your move may complicate things if you or your movers are not prepared. Rainy conditions can affect the safety of the movers and your items if the correct procedures are not followed. It can lead to damage to furniture and delays while in transit. If you prepare your own move, make sure to utilize waterproof packing options. 
  • Storm Days – When the weather conditions are extreme, it is important to monitor and determine if the move needs to be rescheduled. Storms add risk to the movers and the furniture included in the move.  

Impact on Transportation 

  • Road Conditions – Extreme weather conditions can negatively affect the transportation of your belongings. If the weather conditions consist of snow and ice, there may be a delay in the shipment.  Depending on if the conditions are severe, rescheduling your move may be a smart decision to keep your furniture and property safe. Otherwise, the movers, like us here at MiniMoves, may reschedule themselves if they see fit when there is harsh weather. 
  • Vehicle Maintenace – Depending on how extreme the weather conditions are, moving trucks may have some trouble when it is cold out. If the truck gets too cold while idling or while it is turned off at the residence, it might not turn on.  Otherwise, the back of the truck can get extremely cold if it is not temperature controlled. When it gets cold, if there are any liquids or glass in the truck, they can either freeze or become brittle with the cold. 

Protecting Belongings 

  • Temperature-sensitive Items – Certain items can be sensitive to temperature changes.  Wooden furniture, electronics, fragile items as well as certain glass pieces may be at risk when temperature drops drastically.  Proper packing and furniture protection, as well as using temperature-controlled storage and arranging your move around extreme temperatures will all help keep your items safe. 
  • Waterproofing – When there is rain and snow, certain items can get wet no matter how little they are outdoors. MiniMoves wraps furniture in moving blankets and plastic wrap, so they will not get wet from the rain. When it comes to cardboard boxes, our experienced movers will know how to keep them covered as they transport them to and from the truck to minimize the impact of rain or snow. 

Planning and Flexibility 

  • Weather Monitoring – Keep watching the weather radar in advance before your move is scheduled. This will help with determining what precautions you will need to take before your move gets started. 
  • Flexibility – Being prepared to change moving dates will help your move run smoothly in case there is a scheduling change in response to extreme weather conditions. If there is a change in scheduling, it is good to keep a couple of days of the week open just in case the moving company has other moves planned. Here at MiniMoves, our move coordinators do their best at adjusting the date and time of the move if the weather is extreme. 


Weather can make or break your move, so it is important to consider the impact of what the weather is looking like for that week. If you consider the weather, make sure your items are protected, as well as staying flexible in planning your move will help with a smooth transition. If you take the right steps and make sure to keep your items and the movers in mind throughout the move, you can ensure a successful and stress-free move.  

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