Weighing the advantages of moving during peak season and off moving season

Explore advantages of moving during either part of the year

While some families and individuals do not have the liberty to choose when to relocate, others are able to determine their destiny. This situation leads to many questions about whether one should move in the summer and spring months, or wait until the winter months. If you are one of the fortunate ones to plan a move well in advance and determine whether you should move during the peak season, spring and summer, or off-peak season, fall and winter, here are some advantages of moving during either part of the year:

Pros of Moving During the Peak Moving Season

  • School is out – if you are a family with school-aged children, you know that moving in the summer is more convenient for the kids. The move isn’t going to disrupt their school schedule or studies, and they won’t have to make new friends in the middle of the school year at a new school. Peak moving season gives the family time to prepare to find and get acclimated to their new school as well.
  • The weather is nice – When is the best time to move? You can count on warmer temperatures during peak moving season, and so you can stress less about potential ice storms or snowstorms to affect the schedule. Depending on where you live and are relocating to within the United States, avoiding a winter move can really make or break your overall experience. Simply standing outside while you load a truck, or watch a truck being loaded, will be much more pleasant during peak moving season.
  • Flexible work schedule – during the summer, many companies find themselves in a lull of productivity due to vacation schedules. Therefore, it’s easier for many people to take vacation time to move, switch jobs, or ask friends and relatives to help with packing or moving.
  • College schedules – not only is summer the most convenient time for college students to move and relocate, but it’s also ideal for professors and anyone else who works in the university schedule.

Pros of Moving During the Off-Peak Moving Season

  • Scheduling a moving company – respectful, professional moving companies, such as MiniMoves, will have more flexible scheduling during the off-peak season. Each moving company has a finite number of trucks, so you are competing for moving dates with everyone else who wants to move during peak season. In the winter months, when there are fewer people planning to move, you might end up choosing the exact date you want your belongings to be picked up. This is beneficial to many people!
  • Smoother Shipment – when you avoid the peak moving season, you are also avoiding heavy vacation and traveling traffic. During the summer, there are more cars and trucks on the road than in the winter months, including moving trucks. Large trucks must obey the road rules and oftentimes are competing for space on the road, at weigh stations and even truck stops – causing unplanned delays. In the winter, you will have a smoother schedule.
  • Hiring a professional moving company – some of the most respectable moving companies can be booked solid during peak season. MiniMoves is scheduling summer moves many months in advance. Likewise, in the peak months, fraudulent moving companies are more readily available, which can lead to a lot of confusion and frustration for some people! We do encourage those with flexible moving dates to consider an off-peak move to receive the best service and best value available. MiniMoves is ready to provide you with a quote for your off-peak season move today!

If you are one of the fortunate people to plan your move in advance with the flexibility of your scheduling, then consider these advantages to moving during the peak and off-peak seasons for moving and relocation. For some, it’s a no-brainer! For everyone, this is a personal choice so carefully considering the pros for each time of year could really make for a less stressful move for you. Interested in a quote for an upcoming move? Call MiniMoves and receive reliable, honest and professional service from 30+ years of experience today.