What Are My Peak Season Moving Options

Here is a quick rundown of moving options to check out

This summer has been extraordinarily busy for moving. The number of American’s moving more than fifty miles is up significantly and finding resources is getting harder. As we go into the end of the summer, demand will be at its peak from the middle of August until the middle of September. For families with children, it is that last chance to relocate before school starts. It is also the last chance to move while the weather is nice. If your move is going to happen this summer, you might need to explore your moving options to find a service that meets your needs and your moving schedule.  

Here is a quick rundown of moving options to check out: 

  • Full-service movers – This option is the best choice if you are looking for a mover who can pack all your household items into boxes, disassemble your bed and kitchen table, pad and protect your furniture, and provide the labor needed to load, transport, unload, and set up everything at your new location. This option is the best choice if you do not want to, or do not have time to pack and physically handle your furniture. It might be the most expensive option but the cost difference between full-service moving, and do-it-yourself moving might not be significant. There is no cost to get a quote from a full-service mover, so it is an option worth exploring. MiniMoves is a full-service mover. Other companies that offer this service are United Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, and similar companies.  
  • Truck rental – UHaul and other truck rental companies are the go-to DIY option for moving. They also sell moving boxes and rent moving pads and appliance dollies, so they are a one-stop option if you are inclined to do your packing and load & unload your stuff. Be sure to calculate your all-in price for the completed move. Diesel fuel at $5.50 per gallon in a truck that only gets 8 to 10 miles to the gallon, will add significantly to the base truck rental cost. The biggest advantage to truck rental moving is you have complete control over your moving dates. The biggest disadvantage is having to do all the work yourself. Truck rental companies also offer labor to load and unload the truck but by the time you pay for that labor, you could have had a full-service move. 
  • Container rental – Companies like PODS, COWS, and other moving container rental companies will bring a shipping container to your home or apartment. You provide the labor to load and unload like a truck rental option, but the container company will arrange to transport the containers to your new city, so you do not have to drive a rental truck. These companies will also help you find the labor to load and/or unload your furniture and moving boxes. Just like truck rental, by the time you add the cost for loading and unloading labor, the costs will be comparable to hiring a van line like MiniMoves to do the entire job. The advantage of moving container rental is your ability to have them hold the container to store your goods. If you cannot move in for a month or two, this option might be a helpful solution. 
  • Sell everything – The money you save on moving costs just might cover the expense of getting replacement furniture in your new location. Freecycle and Facebook Marketplace are useful resources to dispose of your current furnishings and find replacement items. If you can reduce the personal things you want to keep and get them packed in boxes, consider sending those things with FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service. Get everything packed up and have a friend send them once you are at your destination and can receive the boxes. If you have a favorite piece of furniture or just love your mattress/bed, MiniMoves can ship just a few pieces of furniture and your boxes so everything is delivered at the same time.  

The difference between full-service moving and do-it-yourself moving can be the difference between buying pizza for your friends or enjoying pizza with your friends. It is worth exploring your moving options to find the best fit for your move. It also helps to know what your options are in case you cannot find a mover with availability for the dates you want, or the truck rental company is out of trucks in your area. An afternoon of research to explore your options will be time well spent. 

Figure out just how much assistance you need with moving and get quotes on the distinct options to make your summer move of 2022 a remarkable success!