What Happens on Moving Day Blog

The big day is here

The big day is here! In just a few minutes the doorbell is going to ring and your move with MiniMoves will begin. Moving isn’t something that we do very often so it’s fair to wonder “What’s next? What happens on moving day?” It all starts with a place to park the truck. If there is a special area near your building that the movers use to park, share that information with your MiniMoves relocation consultant. The crew will need a safe path to carry the furniture and will want to park as close as they can to the entrance of the building. Sharing that information will speed up moving days.

The movers will arrive and introduce themselves, confirm the move plan described on their work order, and ask you to give them a brief tour to discuss what’s going on. If you are doing your own packing and you’re all ready to go, that’s great! If there are a few things that we are scheduled to pack, like mattresses or dresser mirrors, we’ll take care of those things right away. If we are doing all the packing, the crew will arrive with new boxes, packing paper and other supplies to get your home quickly, professionally boxed up and ready to load. If you don’t get all of your packing done, just let us know the day before your move and we’ll come prepared.

Next, we’ll will wrap and protect your furniture with cloth moving pads before these things are moved. We generously cover each item and apply stretch wrap to keep the pads in place during the move. There is no extra charge for this padding service.

If your move is State-to-State, the boxes and furniture that leave your home will be listed on a descriptive inventory. We number each item and write down its condition before it’s loaded. We’ll share a copy of our inventory with you so that we both have the same detailed record of the number of items and their condition before moving. When we finish loading the truck, the movers will complete a final walk-through with you to make sure we’ve got everything you wanted to move.

When your shipment is delivered, our movers will carefully bring items into your home and place them in the room you choose. We will remove our furniture pads, reassemble things we had taken apart at loading and arrange the furniture and boxes as you wish. The movers will help you to check off each inventory item so we both confirm that you have received everything that was included during pick-up. When we’re done, we remove all of the furniture pads and any debris from the materials we used to protect your furniture. If you’re having us unpack, we also haul away the empty boxes and packing paper so your home returns to fully functional sooner! In the unlikely event that something is damaged, we will note in on our copy of the inventory to support a claim. You’ll need to file a claim but the notes on the inventory will help. Once we have confirmed your satisfaction with the placement of the items, we’ll be on our way, and you get to start enjoying your new living space!