What is a Certified Relocation Professional®

Global workforce mobility: Understanding the complexities of relocating employees.

The Certified Relocation Professional® is a highly-regarded competency-based designation program that is recommended for all mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate or employee mobility within the United States. By adding this designation to a CRP’s title, they are recognized for demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of U.S. employee relocation across all facets of the industry, and for their dedication to continuing education in this specialized field.

A Certified Relocation Professional® (CRP) is a designation offered by the Worldwide ERC® (Employee Relocation Council), a global trade association focused on workforce mobility. The CRP designation is a widely recognized and respected credential within the field of corporate employee relocation and workforce mobility.

To earn the CRP designation, professionals in the field must complete a comprehensive certification program provided by Worldwide ERC®. This program covers various aspects of employee relocation, including:

  1. Global workforce mobility: Understanding the complexities of relocating employees across national borders.
  2. Policy development and management: Developing and managing corporate relocation policies and programs.
  3. Home sale and home purchase transactions: Knowledge of the real estate and housing market as it pertains to relocation.
  4. Tax and legal issues: Understanding the legal and tax implications of employee relocation.
  5. Cross-cultural and language training: Preparing employees and their families for international assignments.
  6. Financial services and compliance: Managing financial aspects of relocation and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  7. Strategic planning: Developing relocation strategies that align with organizational goals.

Earning the CRP designation typically involves taking courses, passing exams, and demonstrating a commitment to professional development in the field of workforce mobility. Once certified, individuals can use the CRP designation after their name, indicating their expertise in corporate relocation and workforce mobility. This designation is valuable for professionals working in human resources, talent management, real estate, and related fields, as it signifies their knowledge and competency in managing the complexities of employee relocation on a global scale.

The CRP® designation is earned by passing an annual exam that covers the entire relocation industry, including policy development and administration, home sale programs, U.S. tax and legal compliance issues, corporate relocation policies, relocation appraising methods, trends in relocation, and all other related industry segments.

How Will a CRP® Benefit Our Partners?

With a CRP® on staff, MiniMoves® has the certified knowledge to not only help individuals relocate, but we are confident that our employee’s designation and expertise will benefit our corporate clients and Relocation Management company, partners.

Here are just several examples of where their expertise will support your company:

  • Designing and maintaining a mobility program, aligned with your culture and strategy, that provides the framework for policies and program administration.
  • Developing mobility policies for you that align with your business strategy and are also cost-effective, compliant and competitive.
  • Providing real estate market consultation to you, your employees, and transferees using real estate data, trending data and industry statistics to help them make informed decisions.
  • Preparing relocation cost estimates indicative of your current policy to inform and set expectations regarding anticipated costs for budgeting or decision making.
  • Planning and executing a group move, including developing policies and departure and destination services coordination to fulfill your objectives for the move.
  • Selecting and managing supply chain vendors using performance metrics to facilitate employee mobility.

Whether they are working with your human resources department, a real estate sales organization, one of our Relocation Management company partners, our CRP®’s are masters in all areas of relocation. They will help your employees before, during and after their relocation. Your employees will quickly learn the advantages and disadvantages of each neighborhood during their search, and they’ll provide their expert opinion to the best neighborhoods based on their personal needs, resale value, negotiations and more.

In our CRP®’s role, they are responsible for identifying new sources of business, form strong strategic partnerships with corporate clients and partners, assist companies in their recruiting efforts, and stay current on relocation policies and procedures. Our business relocation services ensure that each transferee has a single point of contact, and now this point of contact is a CRP® with the additional knowledge of supporting every transferee.

MiniMoves® specializes in small state-to-state moves. One challenge that our corporate clients have is determining how to get small moves the same attention and service they deserve. Whether it’s a new entry-level hire or a manager on a temporary assignment, all moves deserve to be treated like they are going to be the next CEO. Traditional moving van lines use small shipments to fill in around their larger loads creating many limitations, such as loading and unloading dates, for the small movers. MiniMoves® has no minimum weight or minimum charge – our price is based on the weight of what is being shipped.

MiniMoves® Business & Partnership Development Manager, Jennifer Rodriguez, recently completed and received her Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) designation awarded by Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC), the workforce mobility association. Scott Ferree, MiniMoves® Vice President of Sales and Marketing has also completed his CRP® designation. We’re proud of Jennifer and Scott for this badge of accomplishment and their know knowledge, experience, and education will benefit our corporate clients and Relocation Management partners in their goals to successfully relocate their employees.   You can learn more about it in our press release, here.

Contact us today to speak with Jennifer and Scott, CRP®, as we are confident that they will be instrumental in helping your company achieve its relocation goals.