What to do After Moving Day

You may be wondering where to start

Finally, moving day has come to an end! It’s time to get your new place up and running. You may be wondering where to start. Here are some tips for what to do after moving day to make your transition go more smoothly:

  1. Unpack and organize your belongings right away; take the time to properly store items like clothing, books, and kitchenware in their proper places.
  2. Remove packing materials and debris as you go along to start creating open space. You can give your boxes away using freecycle.com or post a note in your building in case someone is moving out and could use your boxes.
  3. Install a home security system and call a locksmith. With the security system, you’ll be comfortable and sleep more easily during your first days. You’ll also want to change your house locks as you never know who has a copy of the keys from the past owner.
  4. Update addresses if you haven’t already. We have a great place to get that done. Check out our free Concierge Service to make updating your address and setting up utilities very convenient!
  5. Learn about your new home. For safety reasons, it’s good to find out where to shut off the gas the water line, and the water heater. Figure out evacuation routes in case of fire, earthquake, or other disasters.
  6. Clean your new home. Moving day was a busy day for your home! There is dust settling all around and it’s also possible the past owner was not a clean freak. Take the time to thoroughly clean. Ask family or friends for some help!
  7. Go grocery shopping. You might have eaten most of the food that was in your refrigerator leading up to moving day.
  8. Get to know your neighbors! Learn about the people who live nearby so you can become more acquainted with the neighborhood. Neighbors can also be resourceful and provide support when you need it.
  9. Tell your friends about your move! Once you’re all settled, invite your friends over and perhaps have a housewarming party! If you hired an amazing moving company like MiniMoves®, then tell your friends and family about how good of a job they did!

The most important thing, in the end, is to relax and enjoy. Moving can be a stressful experience so now that you’re there, take some time for yourself. Moving starts a new chapter in your life. Spend some time visualizing where your life is going as you start this part of your journey.