woman taping moving box

Tips and tricks to gathering boxes

U-Haul Dealers, Schools, OfficeMax, the Liquor Store, your new neighbor down the street. What do they all have in common? 


Sturdy boxes are essential for protecting your household décor and personal belongings when you move. Here are some tips and tricks to gathering boxes and making your move easier and safer.  

#1 New Boxes 

  • If you can buy new, boxes. You may feel like you’re splurging, but you’re not. New boxes will protect your possessions and help keep your items safe and secure. New boxes can be purchased at your neighborhood U-Haul dealer, UPS or FedEx shipping stores, Staples, OfficeMax, or other office supply stores. Uline is a good online resource to purchase boxes and have them shipped to you. New boxes are really the best way to protect your goods during moving. 

#2 Free Boxes 

  • Used boxes save moving costs. Keep an eye out for new neighbors. Be a good neighbor and ask if you can snag their boxes. You’ll be doing a favor for both yourself and your new neighbors. Plus, you’re recycling and helping the environment. It’s a win, win, win when you keep an eye out for used moving boxes.  
  • The Liquor Store is a resource for boxes with dividers that can be used to pack glassware. If you cut out the center section, you can pack plates there.  
  • The custodian at your local school can set aside good boxes from the supplies that get shipped in every week. They will have a stash of copy paper boxes too! 

#3 Social Networking 

  • Check social media. Boxes and moving supplies pop up online on sites like Facebook Marketplace. Also, watch Twitter and Craigslist to see if boxes and moving tools have been posted. The internet is a valuable resource for finding items and materials that you will need for your move.  
  • Use the traditional way of networking, too! Talk to your neighbors. If you notice that a neighbor regularly gets deliveries from Amazon or another service ask them if you can have the packaging that their items come in. Think of it as asking for a cup of sugar. 

So, you’ve looked into buying new boxes, finding free boxes, scouring the internet, and checking in with your neighbors to see if they have any boxes to share and get rid of. What’s next? 

Do you want to buy new boxes or recycle used boxes? Buying new boxes is convenient and timely. Finding and retrieving used boxes takes time but is more cost-effective. New or used, it is the quality of the boxes that makes a difference. Don’t hesitate to reach out to MiniMoves® with any questions or concerns.

Safe travels!