What to Ditch, Donate, Distribute, and Keep When Moving Blog Photo

Streamline the Moving Process and Start Fresh in Your New Space

Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, but let’s be real, it can also feel like you’re drowning in a sea of stuff. So, before you start throwing things willy-nilly into boxes, take a deep breath and consider decluttering. Trust me, your future self will thank you. By sorting your items into categories of what to ditch, donate, distribute, or keep, you can streamline the moving process and start fresh in your new space.


Let’s start with the “ditch” pile! These are items that you no longer need, are beyond repair, or just don’t bring joy to your life. Say goodbye to those old shoes, outdated gadgets, and clothes that have been collecting dust in your closet. It’s time to be kind to yourself and let go of things that don’t add value to your life. Maybe you can even make some extra cash by organizing a yard sale or recycling where appropriate.


Hooray for the “donate” pile! It’s a chance to give a new life to items that are still in great condition but no longer serve us. Maybe you have clothes that don’t fit or gently used furniture and kitchenware that could find a new home with someone in need. By donating to charitable organizations, you can make a positive impact on the lives of others. And if you’d like to get even more involved, reach out to local shelters, community centers, or schools to see if they need specific items. Let’s spread some joy and help those around us!


If you have a friend who has always been eyeing your bookcase, and it isn’t going to work in your new apartment, give it away. How about an extra bedroom set that would be perfect for someone you know who is getting their first apartment. Share your things with people you know who could use them. Part of that strategy is having them come to pick things up, so they do the heavy lifting, and you don’t have to haul it off for donation or to put it in a yard sale.


When decluttering, you may come across things that are worth keeping. These may include sentimental items such as family heirlooms, cherished photographs, and special mementos that hold emotional value and memories. Additionally, practical things you use frequently, like essential kitchen gadgets or tools, should also be kept. However, it’s important to be mindful of the available space in your new home when deciding which items to keep. This will help you determine which items are truly worth holding onto.

Quick Moving Tips

  1. Start early. Begin the decluttering process well in advance of your moving date. Sorting through your belongings can take longer than expected, and you don’t want to be rushed.
  2. Involve family members. If you’re moving with family, involve them in the decluttering process. It can be a great opportunity for everyone to downsize and work together as a team.
  3. Label your stuff. Clearly mark boxes or bags and tag furniture for “ditch”, “donate”, “distribute”, and “keep” avoiding confusion during the packing process.
  4. Get it out of the house. Have everything that isn’t “keep” out of your home before the movers arrive. Less clutter means a more efficient move and ensures that ditch, donate, and distribute items do not end up at your new place!

Moving is an exciting opportunity to evaluate what furniture and mementos really matter in your life! You can start fresh in your new home by decluttering and organizing your possessions into four categories: what to keep, what to donate, and what to ditch and what to distribute to friends. Magically, less stuff leads to more living. Get ready for a new beginning!