How Many Boxes Do You Need To Move Out of an Apartment

Various factors come into play when determining the number of boxes

Apartment Moving – How Many Boxes?

Ahh, the question that we all ask ourselves when it’s time to move is: How many boxes do I need to move out of my apartment? The answer is . . . it depends. Various factors come into play when determining the number of boxes. The size of your apartment and the number of bedrooms, what kind of lifestyle you have, how long you’ve lived in your current home are things that inform the answer to that question. But we can provide a good idea based on our experience. 

How many boxes do I need to move out of my apartment? 

At MiniMoves®, we can help you determine the number of boxes centered on the size of your shipment. Let’s begin with a studio apartment. A small studio apartment needs between 15-19 boxes. A large studio will need a few more, around 17-21. For a 1-bedroom apartment, normally 18-22 boxes are needed. A 2-bedroom apartment generally uses 27-37 boxes. Finally, a 3-bedroom typically needs between 39-53 boxes. It’s difficult to determine an exact number, but those ranges will give you a good idea of how many you should be looking for as you search out resources for moving boxes. Within that box count, take inventory of your items to find the type of boxes you’ll need.  

So, what type of boxes do I need? 

The type of boxes depends on the items that you have. Dishes, lamp bases, and other fragile items go inside a dish pack box. It is a double-wall box that is much stronger than a standard carton. Small boxes which are about 1.5 cubic feet are good for heavy items like books, canned goods, and tools. If you plan on packing heavy items, make sure they’re at the bottom to establish a solid base and they do not pass half of the box. Be sure to fill the rest of that box with other things all the way to the top so the box doesn’t crush during the move. Medium boxes are 3 cubic feet and are perfect for less heavy items; shoes, clothes, towels, and lampshades. The large boxes are 4 cubic feet and are excellent for board games, shoes in boxes, and plastic storage containers that might not be strong enough for moving on their own. If you need extra-large boxes, they are 6 cubic feet and are the right fit for light and airy things like comforters, bed pillows, and other fluffy stuff. 

Leave it to the experts 

Packing your items safely makes all the difference in the outcome of your move. If you have concerns about packing or just don’t want to pack in general, then let MiniMoves® packers handle it! MiniMoves® packers are trained professionals with all the boxes and padding materials you’ll need, so you can always rely on us to get the job done correctly and safely. On most moves we will pack and load everything on the same day, so your house stays fully functional until moving day! Before you buy packing, and boxes and call your friends (who may or may not show up), contact MiniMoves® and get a quote on us for apartment moving services. Our crew is the expert in efficiently moving you in and out of apartment buildings in an urban environment.  

These moving tips should help you plan better for your next relocation. Happy moving!