Pack Like a Pro: Where to Find Good Packing Supplies & Keep Your Belongings Secure

How do you pack like a pro for your upcoming move?

There are many reasons that moving from state to state can be stressful: leaving behind familiarity (or family), moving to the unknown, making new friends, possibly starting a new job or school, the cost of the move, and of course…the packing. Packing for a move means cleaning your current home, packing up your valuables, making big decisions about what to keep, sell or donate, and meeting your moving day deadline! Not to mention – making sure your belongings actually get to your destination safely! How do you pack like a pro for your upcoming move? Where do you find the best boxes and packing materials?

What Kind of Boxes Do I Need For My Move?

Once you’ve decided which of your belongings you are going to bring with you, toss, or donate/sell, it’s time to get down to business. Before you can pack boxes for moving – you need boxes and supplies! If you’ve ever moved before, you know that the options and types of boxes are sometimes overwhelming. No matter what size boxes you do end up using, the quality of your cartons is key!

One option is to buy your cartons directly from your moving company. When you buy your boxes from your moving company, you will not only ensure that you have the right type of boxes to protect your belongings, but you will save yourself time if you were to scour your neighborhood. If you decide to find your own boxes, make sure they are clean and will safely protect your items.

Keep Your Belongings Safe with These Tips

Now that you have your boxes, you’ll want to make sure you sort and pack like-items. For example, you should pack all your clothes together, all your books together, all your kitchen utensils together, and so on. Here are some additional tips for packing like a pro:

  • If your boxes are going to include anything fragile, do not overcrowd the box. You should have a good layer of cushioning – such as newspaper, a towel or bedsheets – at the bottom of the box, the sides, and if there is space on the top after packing – add cushioning there too.


  • When wrapping fragile items, such as glass, always use 2-3 layers of newsprint per item. Wrap it firmly, but not so much that there is no cushioning. You should try to find unprinted newsprint to keep your items clean.


  • While placing items in a box, put the heavy items on the bottom. If you are packing an entire box of heavy items such as books, hand tools, canned goods, or paper files, don’t use a box that is larger than 12”x12”x18” because it will be HEAVY otherwise!


  • Always make sure your boxes have a top! Fold the flaps together from opposite ends and use high-quality packing tape to close the box. Tape across the seam from halfway up one side of the box to halfway down the other side of the box to ensure the boxes stay closed through the move.


  • Sturdy, clear, plastic moving bins are excellent for packing as well. You can not only see the contents of your box, but it will ensure your belongings make it to your destination safely as they cannot be crushed in the move like cardboard boxes.

Many professional moving companies, such as MiniMoves, offer professional packing services to complement your move. This can save you immense time, and ensure your home is livable until the day of your move! Even if you choose to pack your own belongings, we highly recommend having a professional pack the following items:

  • Glass tops
  • Mirrors
  • Framed photos
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Marble
  • Pool table slate
  • Valuable artwork

A moving company like MiniMoves will have the proper processes to pack these fragile items and ensure they arrive safely and intact at your destination.

If you’re in the process of planning an upcoming move, call MiniMoves to get a free quote for our packing services. We wish you safe travels!